How to check indian railway ticket confirmation chances


Thousands of commuters travel every day via Indian railways. Anyone who’s traveled quite a bit on trains in India has no doubt had an Indian Railways waiting list ticket. The necessity of booking waitlist ticket is more today since railway allows booking tickets 4 months in advance and also during peak seasons tickets in some trains for dates even as far ahead of 2/3 months are available as wait listed.

Waiting List Ticket: Nobody is allowed  to travel with a WL ticket in a reserved coach, unless the ticket is promoted to RAC or CNF status before departure.  However, with a low-numbered WL ticket there is  a good chance of getting it confirmed.  I had WL places between WL1 and WL10 or even WL20 on numerous trips, but always successfully got promoted to CNF with a confirmed place on the train, usually in the 2 to 4 hours before departure of the train after chart prepration.   And even as it happened in one occasion ticket was promoted to RAC, I could at least traveled.

Solving the problem: There are a few number of websites that claim to predict how likely it is that a particular WL ticket will  be confirmed. They predict the ticket confirmation chances if the ticket is in waitlisted, and they help commuters decide whether to book or not as WL ticket.

India Rail Info Website

Here’s what one need to do:

  1. Go to the Indian Railway Info  and sign up.
  2. Go to the PNR Forum tab.
  3. Enter the PNR (passenger name record) where specified and click on “Post PNR for Prediction/Analysis”.

It will automatically retrieve the details of the booking and post them on the forum. There’s a huge experienced membership that’s made hundreds  of predictions about whether WL tickets will be confirmed.

The website is a amazing source of information about Indian Railways trains (including delays and arrival times),  train rakes, platform, position of coaches etc.


Luxury Tourist Train ( The Golden Chariot)

Trainman website

Trainman website predicts how likely it is that WL ticket will get a confirmed seat/or berth.  Trainman doesn’t require any signup. Once we mention the train, the class, the date of the journey, in the respective dialogue box, we get to check  confirmation chances, and recent trends & analysis. Additionally a  list of trains available on the route is displayed.

The ‘confirmation chances’ mentions  how likely it is that WL ticket will be upgraded to confirmed ticket. The analysis says that anything above 65% holds a good chance. To make it even more useful for the commuters, the analysis uses colour coding systems. Anything in green is good, whereas commuters look for alternative if the percentile is in yellow.  searches Trains, Predicts ticket confirmation chances for the searched trains, helps passengers to take a decision on booking and predicts  the probability of PNR confirmation chances.

ConfirmTKT algorithm (developed two individuals) analyses the past ticketing trends and predicts one’s ticket confirmation chances.

One need to enter the relevant information including PNR status and on clicking status, it provides all the information instantly.

Additionally, on entering email of the user, it sends PNR notification to the user’s email once the PNR gets cofirmed.


About subalcbasak

I am an Associate Professor of pharmacy at Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Chidambaram,Tamilnadu. I am a person who is interested in pharmaceutical sciences and its education in India. Originally from West Bengal, I am now living in CHIDAMBARAM, Tamilnadu. I just want to share some of my subject basics; and thoughts associated with travelling and living. I also enjoy clicking camera, eating bengali cuisine, listening Rabindra sangeet, reading, learning, and open source of literature/publications.
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2 Responses to How to check indian railway ticket confirmation chances

  1. Dear Dr. Subal,

    I was intrigued by your post as also your profile.

    As a pharmacy professor, what is the underlying reason for you to have done so much study on Ind. Railway confirmations?


    Shakti Ghosal

    • subalcbasak says:

      Dear Mr. Ghosal
      Thank you for your comments. I travel overnight train journey almost every month and also undertake infrequent long distance journey. Most of the short travels are to be booked without advance planning and therefore I look for various train route WL options and their probability of getting confirmed. And hence after Google searching, I have found those websites are useful.

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