Yercaud: A Cosy Small Lake Hill

A quaint little hill station on the Shevoray hills in the Eastern Ghats nestled in flourishing green grass plots and prolific hills, Yercaud may not resonate the popularity of other hill stations despite being surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations amid pleasant weather, and filled with natural beauty and an abundance of flora and fauna. Yercaud means “Lake Forest” in Tamil, signifying the abundance of forest surrounding the lake on top of the hill.

It is located at a distance of 30 KM from city of Salem, and at the altitude of around 1500 m above sea level. The 20 hairpin bends uphill from Salem to Yercaud is a beautiful ride with magnificent vistas all through.

Staying in Shevaroy hotel on a hillock surrounded by valleys of trees, and on the other side of the Yercaud Lake, we drove around amid chirping birds, moving clouds and a slight drizzle to wander in the alleys up the hill, and captured a glimpse of life in and around Yercaud.

(1) Pagoda Point 

Also known as the Pyramid point, the Pagoda point offers excellent views of the city of Salem below. Some of  villages of Yercaud were visible from this point. We spent some time here soaking in the misty view of the hills across.


The plains of Salem below from Pagoda point, Yercaud


Salem city as seen from Pagoda point

(2) Montfort School

This school was founded in the year 1917. A huge and attractive school with extensive playing fields, swimming pool, serene chapels and beautiful gardens. The wall beside the main entrance gate has many faces of great personalities sculptured on it.


The Motto of Montfort School: Virtue and Labour


Sprawling campus of Montfort School

(3) Rose Garden

We spent for some time in rose garden of Yercaud. There are some amazing varieties of rose plants here amid amazing landscape.


Rose Garden

(4) Yercaud Lake

Surrounded by a meticulously maintained garden with flowering plants and series of trees on one side, roads on the other two and a deer-park on the fourth side, the lake, also known as Emerald Lake is where every tourist makes his first stop.


Emerald Lake, Yercaud


Beautiful garden on the bank of Yercaud Lake

Shevaroy hotel was seemed to be a comfortable place to stay, one and half KM from bus stand and a stone throw distance from Yercaud lake, in a quiet neighborhood, with helpful staff, rooms overlooking the valley below, and a sprawling campus that included many recreational facilities.


Morning view of the valley through the large window of the hotel room.


In the middle of the Shevaroy Hotel 

We had a short but unforgettable experience. Being in Yercaud was just delightful.


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I am an Associate Professor of pharmacy at Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Chidambaram,Tamilnadu. I am a person who is interested in pharmaceutical sciences and its education in India. Originally from West Bengal, I am now living in CHIDAMBARAM, Tamilnadu. I just want to share some of my subject basics; and thoughts associated with travelling and living. I also enjoy clicking camera, eating bengali cuisine, listening Rabindra sangeet, reading, learning, and open source of literature/publications.
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